W13 Transforming into Communities of the Future through Water Equity

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Originally Aired - Sunday, October 17 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM Central Time

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Location: S405

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Title: W13 Transforming into Communities of the Future through Water Equity

Description: The workshop will focus on understanding existing dynamics, and considering innovative approaches and partnerships to transforming into communities' of the future through a water equity mission, and maximizing community benefits with water infrastructure investment through: possibilities of community and utility partnerships/outreach, expanding collaboration and supplier diversity, affordability programs for vulnerable communities, facilitating community resilience in the face of climate change, and integrating these triple bottom line factors into long-term watershed management and planning. Member Price: $99 Non-Member Price: $129


Introduction to Equity and Partnerships: Why It Matters

Oct 17 2021 1:30PM - Oct 17 2021 1:45PM
Presentations and Case Studies by Facilitators

Oct 17 2021 1:45PM - Oct 17 2021 2:30PM
Activity I: Breakout Group Discussions

Oct 17 2021 2:30PM - Oct 17 2021 3:00PM
Networking Break

Oct 17 2021 3:00PM - Oct 17 2021 3:30PM
Activity II: Action Plan Breakout Teams

Oct 17 2021 3:30PM - Oct 17 2021 4:10PM
Activity III: Breakout Groups Report Out

Oct 17 2021 4:10PM - Oct 17 2021 4:40PM
Closing Comments from Facilitators

Oct 17 2021 4:40PM - Oct 17 2021 5:00PM

Type: Workshop