Water Justice: How We Improve Water Equity

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, October 20 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Central Time

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Location: N426

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Title: Water Justice: How We Improve Water Equity

Description: The three main focuses of this session will be identifying, acknowledging, and finding solutions to inequity. Attendees are encouraged to attend this session where they will hear different experiences and success stories surrounding dealing with water inequity. There will also be an opportunity during short discussion breaks to share personal challenges and knowledge.


Introduction and Topic Importance to WEF

Oct 20 2021 11:00AM - Oct 20 2021 11:05AM
Identifying Areas of Inequity within Water and Wastewater Systems: The How and Why

Oct 20 2021 11:05AM - Oct 20 2021 11:20AM
Q&A for Letitia Carpenter

Oct 20 2021 11:20AM - Oct 20 2021 11:25AM
Readiness as a Form of Water Justice

Oct 20 2021 11:25AM - Oct 20 2021 11:35AM
Addressing Inequities and Spreading Awareness by Breaking Down Silos through the UNLEASH Hack Focused on Sanitation in the Alabama Black Belt

Oct 20 2021 11:35AM - Oct 20 2021 11:45AM
Discussion/Q&A for Sheryl Ude

Oct 20 2021 11:35AM - Oct 20 2021 11:40AM
Discussion / Short Q&A: Alabama Black Belt

Oct 20 2021 11:45AM - Oct 20 2021 11:50AM
Educating People on Water Justice: USF Water Awareness Research and Education (WARE) Program

Oct 20 2021 11:50AM - Oct 20 2021 11:55AM
Facilitated Discussion at Round Tables

Oct 20 2021 11:55AM - Oct 20 2021 12:25PM
Closing Thoughts

Oct 20 2021 12:25PM - Oct 20 2021 12:30PM

Type: Interactive Technical Session