Not Forever Chemicals! We Can Get Rid of PFAS

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Originally Aired - Monday, October 18 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Central Time

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Location: S403

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Title: Not Forever Chemicals! We Can Get Rid of PFAS

Description: PFAS is the hottest group of emerging contaminants in water and wastewater with very low advisory levels (nanograms) in drinking water in several states. During this lecture-style session, our speakers will discuss the fate of PFAS in wastewater resource recovery facilities and novel treatment technologies.



Oct 18 2021 4:00PM - Oct 18 2021 4:05PM
Novel Approach to PFAS Removal Using a Highly Adsorbent Material and a Robust Separator Minimizes Sorbent Usage and Waste Production

Oct 18 2021 4:05PM - Oct 18 2021 4:25PM
Treatability Studies for PFAS Treatment: Evaluation and Optimization

Oct 18 2021 4:25PM - Oct 18 2021 4:45PM
Removal of Perfluoro-alkyl Substances (PFAS) and Recalcitrant Organic Matter in Landfill Leachate using Coal Fly-Ash

Oct 18 2021 4:45PM - Oct 18 2021 5:05PM
Sustainable Practices for Treatment of Aqueous Phase PFAS Treatment

Oct 18 2021 5:05PM - Oct 18 2021 5:25PM
Closing Statements

Oct 18 2021 5:25PM - Oct 18 2021 5:30PM

Type: Traditional Technical Session


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